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Superman Lives remains one of the industry's great what-ifs, and apparently it was a lot farther along than most people thought. Following the popularity of Jodorowsky's Dune, we now get to see a documentary on the film.

I always had reservations about Cage playing Superman. That being said, had it been released in the late nineties, it would have changed the entire genre of superhero filmmaking that we know today. Sadly, the production eventually petered out, leaving behind a sea of what-ifs and how-coulds. Filmmaker Jon Schnepp, however, isn't going to take "how could" for an answer! The trailer has been released for his documentaryThe Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? and it presents a load of goodies for any Superman fan.

It was the nineties when Warner Bros., emboldened by the success of the Death of Superman comics, decided to bring the man of steel to the big screen. Their heavy hitter was Tim Burton, who had previously resurrected Batman for Warner Bros., and he'd be bringing along recent Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage.

That wasn't nearly enough to bring the project to fruition, and the trailer emphasizes the bizarre directions the script would go courtesy of a sea of screenwriters, two of which are seen here in Wesley Strick and Kevin Smith. The latter, who has been very outspoken about his involvement in superhero affairs, looks like he was a major contributing force to this film, in that Schnepp is clearly just gonna let the guy talk. And why not? Smith's script, which was almost immediately junked by Burton, was a massive epic that, as the trailer confirms, also involved Batman in a small role.

The trailer is rough, but at least we get to see what is in store for us. It's nice that they actually got interviews with Smith and Burton. What I find mindblowing is that Burton received a sweet pay-or-play deal of $5 million that he collected despite the movie never happening (Cage signed the same deal, for $20 million). Not only that, but we get peeks of the unusual Superman suit the film would feature, as well as test footage of Cage in the costume.

Schnepp's an interesting guy, though: he's one of the masterminds behind Adult Swim's Metalocalypse and previously contributed a short to The ABC's Of Death. This might not be one of the greatest movies ever made about an unmade movie, but its sure to be more than just an interesting curio. The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? currently has no release date, but we'll keep you posted.


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