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This is our first official look at the Vision, despite the first look being rather blurry. Still, one can make out the yellow cape, green on the back of his head, and red on the front. It's unclear whether his body is mechanical or not, however he looks to the eye somewhat cyborg. After the revelation of all the posters, each one will line up to make one complete image, similar to the Big Hero 6 posters or the Guardians of the Galaxy image released last year.

Make sure to check out the posters revealed earlier this week as well:

Black Widow & Captain America

Scarlet Witch & Iron Man

Check back again for tomorrow's posters! It seems as though tomorrow will include the last two members of the crew, Thor and Hulk. That is, unless they decide to do Nick Fury, Maria Hill, or villain posters such as Ultron, Baron von Strucker, or even a mystery character that we've been in the dark about so far.


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