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Can you say 'fuck yeah!'?

There are some reboots, sequels, and remakes that you get excited about. And, for every one of those, there are about two hundred that just plain suck. We don't have a lot to go on at the moment, but I have to say that this poster for a new heavy metal movie captures the feeling of the magazine, 1981 film, and the '70s just right.

This is an opportunity to connect with the fans and listen to what they want to see as well as presenting them with our vision.

For years we've been hearing about Heavy Metal projects, but none of have ever come to fruition. However, according to a report by Variety, Heavy Metal is "looking to make a significant splash at this year's Comic-Con" and that includes revealing art from Mondo that is the first teaser poster for "the reboot of the Heavy Metal movie".

Aside from that little tidbit, not much is known about the new Heavy Metal movie. Last we knew, Robert Rodriguez had the rights and was planning to remake the Heavy Metal movie with "3 stories and wrap-around story". As of now, we have no idea if this is the version in the works, or if they've taken the rights elsewhere. Either way, at least we have some poster art to whet your appetite. Mondo's Heavy Metalteaser poster - designed by Killian Eng:

The only other details mentioned in the Variety article pertaining to the movie bounce between the old 1981 version and whatever else they're cooking up. It mentions the "reboot of the Heavy Metal movie", but no mention of Robert Rodriguez. It also says Heavy Metal is making an animated movie"of a Mondo print", based on the artwork. We will also be seeing a series of action figures based on the 1981 film and characters. "The figures were designed as if the movie was coming out today," they say, "as a way to showcase its love of its history as an art and comics touchstone."

Back at Comic-Con in 2011, Robert Rodriguez teased plans for a new Heavy Metal remake/reboot. What would you like to see?


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