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Well the results are in and America has spoken on their favorite and least favorite Star Wars. According to the brainiacs at , based on a poll of 1,186 respondents, here are the results.

First up, Best Star Wars Movie:

No surprise here, with The Empire Strikes Back, and A New Hope finishing first and second. One result that did surprise me was that The Phantom Menace came in 4th and was the best rated among the prequels. I thought for sure Revenge of the Sith would have finished the highest.

Next up, a more specific look on how the Star Wars films were ranked. This chart shows how often each film was rated in the top third (best or second best), the middle third (third or fourth) or the bottom third (second worst or worst).

Again, not much of a surprise here. Clearly what fans are saying (which has mostly been emblematic of what the entire world thinks) is that the original trilogy is WAY better than the prequels. Can't disagree with that, and if you do, you're wrong my young Padawan.

The last poll is Star Wars character favorability ratings:

Again, pretty much what we expect here. The good characters of Star Wars are ranked higher than the evil characters. Luke just barely beating out Han Solo (personally Han is my favorite). What's up with no love for Lando Calrissian? Billy Dee Williams was awesome as Lando! I know he screwed over Han, but come on guys, he was forced too by Darth Vader, and he did in fact help Luke, Leia, and Han in the end. Shameful (racist?). Listen to Billy Dee:

Also, WHERE THE HELL IS CHEWBACCA? What's hilarious about the character favorability ratings is that Jar Jar Binks is ranked lower than ALL of the evil characters in Star Wars. Then again, you could argue, Jar Jar Binks is the most evil thing to happen to Star Wars maybe ever, or at least since the much maligned Star Wars Christmas Special. Also, I have a tough time believing that Boba Fett would be rated so low. I know he's an "evil" character, but Boba Fett usually gets a lot of love among Star Wars fans.

So that got me thinking, let's run our own Moviepilot poll on Star Wars and see how it matches up to FiveThirtyEight


Which Star Wars movie is your favorite?


Which Star Wars Movie is your least favorite?

When I ask favorite/least favorite, I don't mean favorable, like FiveThirtyEight did, I mean overall just your favorite character, good or evil.


Which Star Wars movie character is your favorite?


What is your least favorite Star Wars character?


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