ByKen Anderson, writer at
Ken Anderson

In the teaser trailer for "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?" - a proposed feature-length documentary about the unraveling of Tim Burton's failed 1998 superhero film "Superman Lives" - more terrifying than the sight of Nicolas Cage as a Superman with Tommy Wiseau hair is the realization that multi-million dollar movies do indeed get green-lit, funded, and terrifying close to realization based upon little more than a bunch of middle-aged guys (all of whom look like the living embodiment of The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy), sitting around, pitching a lot of random, unrelated, spectacle-based, dishearteningly puerile "awesome" ideas they'd like to see onscreen.

If it is documentary director/producer John Schnepp's intention to affirm that the patchwork, concept-heavy, non-existent-plot feel of so many superhero movies is due to their patchwork, concept-heavy conception; he succeeds beyond expectation.

Watch now and marvel at the sight of always-looks-like-he's-baked screenwriter Kevin Smith and a parade of doughy boy-men with mandatory face-shaping beards,"Oohing" and "Ahhing " over cool monsters; "Nobody's ever seen that before!" costumes; random, off-the-wall ideas; awesome gadgetry; and special effects designed to set spectacle-benumbed hearts aflutter across the nation. Should Schnepp succeed in finding the necessary funding needed to complete this documentary, perhaps it'll contain rare footage of someone involved in the making of "Superman Lives" expressing even the slightest concern that it actually be any good.


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