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Nerdist's Chris Hardwick introduces the panelists for season five, including producers Scott Gimple, Gale Anne Hurd, Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero, and cast Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohen, Michael Cudlitz, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Chad Coleman, Emily Kinney, and Norman Reedus,

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV shows on television right now. A majority of the people waiting in line for Hall H. People were waiting for more that 14 hours for [The Walking Dead](series:201193) and when the panel started, you could just feel the energy of Hall H come alive. The panel's moderator Chris Hardwick started by asking the producers about the cliffhanger from season four and how that will bleed into season five. The producers show a comedic clip on whether or not the group will get out of the train car. The short answer is yes and the entire season will not be featured solely in the train car. But seriously, Kirkman said that we're going to see the back story of terminus.

The Walking Dead panel at Comic Con 2014
The Walking Dead panel at Comic Con 2014

Overall, the TV show will showcase elements of the comic book and season five will stay somewhat faithful to the source material. The character of Rick Grimes will be more tough and hard edged, just like he's presented in the comic book. The events from season four made Rick and the group stronger and meaner. The locations of season five will focus around more suburban and urban settings in Georgia. New characters will be introduced into season five, including Father Gabriel Stokes, who will be played by Seth Gilliam (The Wire).

Hurd then introduced the first sneak peek for season five. The story will pick up right after the end of season four with the group getting out of the train car and making a deal with the people at Terminus to get Eugene to Washington DC. The group was close to being killed by a group of cannibals, but managed to convince their leader that they have the key to end the zombie apocalypse. From the sneak peek, we can see that there are more zombies and more action. In fact, we saw some interesting ways to kill zombies in season five, such as a big-ass explosion and zombie decapitations with a fire hose. At the tail end of the preview, we get a glimpse of whatever happened to Beth at the end of season four. While its mysterious, we got a brief look, but it seems that Beth is now part of a strange and scary hospital. Apparently, the character has gotten strong since season four.

The panel itself was on the more comedic side, which is refreshing considering how The Walking Dead is bleak. Hardwick asked the cast good questions about their characters and getting prepared to play them for the small screen. The biggest evolution of a character is Carol, played by Melissa McBride, going from a soccer mom to ascending to a leader role in the group, including killing people if its necessary. One of the funniest moments of the panel was when Chris Hardwick gave Melissa McBride a bouquet of flowers, as a reference to the character Lizzy's exit ("Just look at the flowers"). McBride ended up giving Norman Reedus the flowers. Chandler Riggs surprised the Hall H crowd with a special appearance. He arrived to the stage with a big can of chocolate pudding, just like in season four.

Most everyone in line for Hall H were waiting for The Walking Dead and AMC didn't disappoint with showing fans footage and the cast and producers of the show. It was a good way to get the crowd into the fun of Comic-Con and why it was worth waiting in line since 8:00PM the night before the event. We saw a good look at season five and fans got a chance to interact with the cast and producers. Chris Hardwick did a great job keeping the panel and the fans light and comfortable. Overall, it was a real highlight of Comic-Con.

Watch The Walking Dead season five sneak peek.


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