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Sh&t is about to go down on Season 5 of The Walking Dead! Robert Kirkman and a good chunk of the TWD cast came to SDCC's hallowed Hall H today, and with them brought a mind-blowing 5-minute trailer for the upcoming season of the beloved AMC series. According to Kirkman, this season of The Walking Dead will follow more closely with the plot from the comics and and “you’ll see us take some big leaps with the characters and the set pieces.”

The new season of The Walking Dead comes to AMC on October 12 at 9pm!

You can watch the teaser trailer for the new season The Walking Dead below and get the whole story on the teaser-filled Hall H panel at Deadline...

How stoked are you for the new season of The Walking Dead? Just what do you think is going on at Terminus? And where the hell is Beth?? Share your theories, gripes, and comments below!

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