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army of darkness cover by *nebezial on deviantART
army of darkness cover by *nebezial on deviantART

Have you missed The Evil Dead? Have you really missed our great hero Ash? Have you really really missed Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell working together? Well guess what? We get it all back In one great horror revival!!!

Today while at SDCC the producer of the vide0-game adaptation The Last of Us, and LEGENDARY filmmaker Sam Raimi (Evil Dead Trilogy, Spiderman Trilogy) DROPPED A BOMB on the audience by revealing he will be writing the Evil Dead TV show with Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and his brother Ivan Raimi!!!! What a great way to revive his cult horror classic!

It was a bit of a shock to all in who attended the video game panel.

It has been well noted that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have been aching to work again together especially in bringing back fan favorite Ash for the Evil Dead Trilogy!

There has still always been a very hardcore cult following, but newer and newer generations of fans keep flocking to the Evil! This rise in a much larger fan following and the idea of direct to stream TV like NETFLIX, this could be a great fit for Sam and Bruce to work with.

Whatever the case........I PERSONALLY AM SO SUPER STOKED!! I'm an Evil Dead, Raimi, Campbell fanboy and anything they touch is pure GOLD!! I'm a little bias.


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