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Above is the new promo for The Flash which was revealed recently at SDCC and IT LOOKS AWESOME! Despite how cool it all looks lets get down to the serious stuff... the easter eggs.

- Firstly before we dive into it lets just say that THE PRODUCERS ON THE FLASH ARE GOING HARD OUT!!!

- Secondly there is the nod to Brandon Routh's new character on Arrow Ray Palmer through the sign which says "Palmer Technologies. Bigger isn't always better." So a big nod to The Atom character.

- Thirdly the crossword which the police officer is doing in the car. Words which are in the crossword include speed, grodd, light, iris, starlabs, dad, eel(which is incomplete) and allen. All of these words are many of us aware are references to the show and the flash world. All of these were hinted at or highlighted in the pilot as well. The main word that stands out is Grodd. Could this be a sign that in the future (possibly in a few seasons time) we could see Gorilla Grodd on screen? It's definitely a point to ponder.

- There was also the word "ghost" in the crossword which is a reference to the villain Gentleman Ghost

- The Gentleman Ghost is a nemesis of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. He has also menaced other heroes, including Batman, The Atom, The Flash, The New Teen Titans, Max Mercury and Stargirl. The Ghost is briefly seen in the Infinite Crisis (referenced in The Flash Pilot). Gentleman Ghost also affiliated with the secret six as he is seen as one of the villains sent to retrieve the Get Out of Hell Free card from the Secret Six.

- The Secret Six is the name of three different fictional comic book teams in the DC Universe, plus an alternate universe's fourth team. Each team has had six members, led by a character called Mockingbird. A version of the Secret Six consists of The Atom, the Flash, the Joker, the Spectre, Plastic Man and Man Hunter.

- The word in the crossword with a missing letter at 5 down (6 seconds in the video) E _ L is in fact the word Eel which is a nod to Plastic Man who is a member of the Secret Six as stated above who's real name is Patrick "Eel" O'brian. Plastic Man also appeared in Infinite Crisis.

- This next one was extremely hard to pick up on and took me a few times to figure out but there are references to the characters Thunder and Lightning in the crossword as well (however we don't get a full view of the words but it cannot be anything else). These two characters have links with STAR LABS and HIVE. Both characters are also involved in Infinite Crisis where they were subdued by the League of Assassins in Vietnam, who were being paid to break open a prison as part of a worldwide scheme to attack Metropolis with dozens of supervillains.

- Thunder was also part of the Outsiders which I have previously done an article on in relation to DCTVU if you are interested.

- There was also a logo on the police officer's coffee cup however due to the low resolution of the video it is impossible to read. (It may or may not be an easter egg).

- And last but not least the lightning bolt in the middle of the Palmer Technologies sign after Barry has traveled through time. Another nod to the fact that we will see Barry and Ray Palmer cross paths either in the past, present, or future.

As you can see there is a lot of references in this short promo but it makes us wonder what is in stall for The Flash and also the DCTVU as a whole. Could this is a slight hint to a possible Secret Six team up or could it mean something else? Out of all the easter eggs in this promo what would you want to see most?

I have also gone through and reconstructed as much of the Crossword as possible however I was unable to reconstruct the bottom left hand corner. If anyone can guess any of the other words comment in the section below.

A reconstruction of the crossword
A reconstruction of the crossword

What do you think of the promo? And did I miss anything in the rush to get this article up? Sound off in the comments below:


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