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This is the first time Radius TWC at San Diego Comic-Con and they brought two films, Everly and Horns. Both movies are strange genre films that looks like really fun and exciting. If you're not familiar with Radius TWC, they released movies like Only God Forgives and Snowpiercer.


Director: Joe Lynch

Star: Selma Hayek

From the director of Knights of Badassdom, Joe Lynch made a new film called Everly. It looks like the action movie The Raid if it took place in one apartment. Selma Hayek plays a woman that is stuck in one room and is for some reason unable to leave. She was taken as a sex slave, but attempts to leave, while hit men try to kill her. The director describes the film as "Die Hard in a room." There's a certain physicality to the film's action, while the character's back is against the wall. She has no choice but to kill her way out.

According to Lynch, Everly was shot chronologically and the camera never leaves the room. The character Everly is also a mother that is separated from her child, which is why she grows stronger to get back to her family. It appears to be a touching film, while at the same full of action and excitement. Lynch also wants the film to be seen with a crowd and describes it as a roller coaster ride. The footage also looks like it will be a sort of video game movie with more bosses and obstacles to get out of this room.

Everly looks very interesting. It looks like a fun action genre movie with a lot of guns and sword play. It's the type of movie that should be rated R, so it comes out with a PG-13, it will be very disappointing. Everly will be released on February 2015.



Director: Alexandre Aja

Author: Joe Hill

Star: Daniel Radcliffe

The panel starts with the capacity of Hall H singing "Happy Birthday" to Daniel Radcliffe for his 25th birthday. Radcliffe character named Ig, who is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, played by Juno Temple, and is at the center of a media frenzy in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. While his character is dealing with the accusations, he starts to grow horns from his head. It seems that he's the devil, or at least turning into the devil or demon. The film looks like it has all sorts of tonal shifts from comedy to drama to strange action. It was designed to cross a number of genres and emotional responses.

Radcliffe sought out the directors and the writer to make the film and to play the lead. When people are around Ig, they reveal their inner personal thoughts, desires, and dark secrets. It looks that that element will add to Horns comedy.

Daniel Radcliffe in Hall H
Daniel Radcliffe in Hall H

I can say this about the trailer and premise of Horns. It certainly looks different and something we haven't seen on the big screen. Daniel Radcliffe was a very interesting choice to play this strange character in a very strange situation. Honestly, Horns looks weird and that really appeals to me. It definitely looks like an ambitious genre film and we'll see when it's released on October 31, 2014.


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