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Previously announced Ant-Man cast members Patrick Wilson, Matt Gerald and Kevin Weisman have reportedly either dropped from the upcoming Marvel Studios film, or have been dismissed from the action film. Deadline reports:

The movie has been in some state of flux after director Edgar Wright dropped out over differences in creative vision with Marvel’s Kevin Feige, so not surprisingly there is speculation that the trio’s exit is for the same reason that Wright departed and was replaced by Peyton Reed. Marvel insiders adamantly dispute that.

It sounds like the original sources that leaked the trio's departure are even debating against this idea, and considering they were the ones who leaked it, they obviously know more about the situation at hand than we do, right? Maybe, maybe not.

We’re told by insiders that Gerald and Weisman’s characters were omitted in the newly evolved version of the script. Wilson, on the other hand, had a scheduling conflict as production on the movie got delayed, and that is why he won’t be there. Lilly is at Comic-Con to tour a children’s book and Peter Jackson’s final Hobbit installment, The Battle Of The Five Armies. We wouldn’t be surprised to see her at the Marvel panel along with Rudd, Douglas and Reed. Feige always pulls out the stops on Comic-Con, so we expect star-studded updates on Avengers: Age Of Ultron and some vamping on the imminent release Guardians Of The Galaxy. Feige is always good for a few surprises though it seems doubtful he’ll be able to bring in Joaquin Phoenix, who’ll star in Marvel’s Doctor Strange film.

As usual, when someone states something in movie business, it's never what things seem, right? Actually, considering Marvel Studios' recent track record, they've pretty much stuck to their word. Unfortunately, it seems as though Marvel is trying to put it nicely that Gerald and Weisman were no longer needed.

As for Patrick Wilson, one of my first concerns upon the announcement that the production had been postponed by a little more than three months was that it could potentially overlap with previous projects other actors had already signed on for. Certainly it would be unfair to ask someone to give up filming another movie simply because the studio couldn't stick to the original plans!

When no drops were announced, I assumed everyone somehow had time allotted that happened to allow for the filming to continue. However, it seems Patrick Wilson had other plans, and the news has only just recently broke, as Marvel doesn't wish to let down fans tomorrow at the [Ant-Man](movie:9048) panel when the cast members suddenly and unexpectedly aren't present.

The repercussions of Edgar Wright's departure still seem to be felt, even this close to the new production start. Marvel assures fans that everything will continue smoothly, however, its still hard not to have our doubts. What do you think is in store for the future of Marvel Studios' Ant-Man?

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