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I'll be honest..I am not an Ant-Man fan, never have been and never even thought of being one. I've been collecting and reading comic books since the mid 80's and never picked up one issue. I have a hard time believing people who don't even read comics are going to line up and see this film. Let's be serious...he's an "ANT!" The only power the guys got is he can shrink. What the hell is an ant going to do and how is he a superhero that is supposed to save the day? We've all stepped on an ant at one time or another and they are probably the last species any of us would ever think of when we hear the word "Superhero".

Now that being said, after viewing the above poster of Paul Rudd and the new Ant-Man get-up, I have a little bit more faith in the film. If you don't know the plot of the film then here it is in a nut shell:

"A scientist (Michael Douglas) enlists a thief (Paul Rudd) to safeguard his size-changing technology, and also to create a superhero who will defend the world."

Let's get down to dissecting this concept poster. First things first...what the hell is Ant-Man riding on and if that is to scale, how f'n small can this guy get? That bug looks like an ant with wings, nasty looking thing. I mean if that bug is supposed to be the average size of an ant (or whatever the hell it is) then Ant-Man is almost the size of a flea?

Ok, moving on. The biggest stand out is Paul Rudd in the uniform. Even though this is a concept drawing, I am really digging the color scheme of his suit and techno-stuff going on. The material on the suit is also very pleasing to the eye, since it resembles a"honeycomb" print (look closely).

1980's era Ant-Man.
1980's era Ant-Man.
Current comic version of Ant-Man.
Current comic version of Ant-Man.

Overall, I do like the new head piece of Rudd's version of Ant-Man. In my opinion it looks super cool and gives off a Star Wars vibe with the breath apparatus thingy. It really reflects an updated feel to a hero that seems to fall on the "C" list of todays superheroes. Marvel has an amazing track record with films lately, and I will be surprised if this one doesn't make the cut.

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