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Arrow is coming back strong in it's third season. The show is the nucleus of the ever-expanding DC Universe on television and it looks like the production values and stakes are being raised. We get glimpses of Amanda Waller, Arsenal, Brandon Routh as Atom and more. Check it out:

The Flash has been praised in it's early reviews as being light-hearted and cinematic. Arrow has always been a grim, comic-book style soap opera. There was a great risk that was taken, by expanding the participation of DC characters it possibly could dilute the grounded tone that was already established. Many were scratching their heads in curiosity imagining how a superhero like Atom, a character who can shrink in size, would fit into the dour world of Starling City.

Well it all seems to work. The scope and scale of the action is grander as well. The fantastic nature of the comic world has left its imprint on Arrow, finally, and it looks that we are in for an exciting fall season!

Here is a closer look at Arsenal, the newest headache for Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen.

Do you like the direction that Arrow has gone in? Do you think it will mesh well when it crosses over with The Flash? Let us know!

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