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Tonight at Comic-Con , Scream Factory (booth #2428) announced ten of their upcoming releases on Blu-ray and DVD. And even though there was no mention of what bonus materials will be included, or release dates, excitement has already stirred. We all know that with the excellent cover art and endless bonus material Scream Factory provides on their releases, that these will be well worth the wait...whenever they come out.

The 10 titles revealed are:

Escape from New York (Collector's Edition)

Mad Max (Collector's Edition)

Dolls (Collector's Edition)

Invaders from Mars

New Year's Evil

The Dark Half

Monkey Shines

Phantom of the Opera (1988)


Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

There's some good solid releases to look forward to in the upcoming months. Which are you looking forward to most?



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