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It's true, no one wants to die in Canada...or maybe I'm just a bad Canadian.

I don't say "aboot," I don't say "eh," and I'm not shamed to say that I don't understand the national obsession with hockey.

Kevin Smith's body horror film [Tusk](movie:1055467) has been teasing us for MONTHS with behind the scenes photos, new poster art, and now, FINALLY, we have a trailer for this...unique (?) film.

I'm one of the few people who liked The Human Centipede, so I can appreciate body horror like Tusk, and what it brings to the horror least, I hope I can.

What worries me: The trailer gives away a LOT of detail. FAR more than I expected. We're introduced to the villain, we know he's a villain, the villain explains that he loves Walrus', and then there's a lot of screaming and some derisive mentions made of Canada that made me giggle.

What do YOU think of this trailer? Will YOU be checking out [Tusk](movie:1055467) when it hits theatres this September 19th?

Starring: Justin Long, Michael Parks, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez

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(Source: CBM Trailers)


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