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Jerome Maida

Jimmy Palmiotti seems to have found the "perfect pair" to bring his co-creation, "Painkiller Jane" to life on the big screen.

As first reported by "The Hollywood Reporter" and confirmed by the above picture from the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, horror writer/directors Jen and Sylvia Soska are on board to help the big screen adaption of Painkiller Jane, a comic created by the Dynamic Duo of Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada back in 1995, reach it's potential.

The character has always been a fan-favorite in the comic-book world, yet both a TV-movie and TV-series never seemed to truly capture the character's essence. As a result, neither were terrible. However, neither version really resonated with viewers either.

However, the "Twisted Twins", as they are affectionately called, seem to be the perfect pair to change that and really translate Jane Vasko to the big screen.

The Soska sisters are best known for their 2012 horror flick "American Mary" and also directed 2009′s "Dead Hooker in a Trunk". Their upcoming movies include "See No Evil 2", a segment of "ABCs of Death 2", "Vendetta", and "XX". While their star has quickly risen in the horror genre, "Painkiller Jane" gives them the opportunity to bring their twisted taste to a much broader audience.

Jane Vasko is virtually indestructible, meaning she can undergo a whole world of injuries and walk away unharmed. However, her regenerative ability doesn't mean she is free from pain.

Sylvia Soska and Jen Soska seem the perfect pair to demonstrate that to the masses.


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