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Jerome Maida

It is tough for any movie, especially the low-budget ones without the money and marketing muscle of the big studios to stand out from the pack.

Of course, having a Teaser Trailer at San Diego Comc-Con sure helps in that regard.

"The Martial Arts Kid" - which is co-headlined by martial arts/action-movie legends Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Cynthis Rothrock and features over a dozen real-life martial arts champions and Grandmasters - unveiled it's first Teaser Trailer at the show which has become the pinnacle of pop culture.

"The film got a very positive reaction from the crowd", says James Wilson, Don's brother and a Producer on the film, along with Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan. "We had a lot of fight scenes, but we wanted to show the heart of the story and I think we did that."

While the Teaser Trailer will make audience's care about the emotional struggles of the "Kid, played by Jansen Panettiere and his aunt and uncle, played by Rothrock and Don Wilson, respectively, James Wilson says there will be more action in the coming Full Trailers. He "just wanted people to care about the main characters first".

If the reaction to the 1 minute and six second clip from the audience at San Diego Comic-Con is any indication, James Wilson's plan worked to perfection.

"It was exciting to have 'The Martial Arts Kid premiere at the (San Diego) Comic Con", says Rothrock, who along with James Lew and Graham Elwood was on hand to show the Teaser Trailer to the receptive crowd. "Everyone is eagerly waiting to see this film."


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