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Marvel, you're such a tease.

Every day of Comic-Con 2014 Marvel has released 2 pieces to this epic Age of Ultron concept poster. It shows our classic Avengers team, plus some seriously awesome new teammates - who seem to like their wardrobes pretty simple: primary colors and two-toned - added to the mix.

Well, we now officially have the last pieces to this jaw-dropping puzzle, and they're exactly who you were expecting: Thor and Hulk.

Did you really think they'd miss this party?

"Hulk. YAWN."

"It's just tag and touch, you peasant!"

I think the most surprising part of this image is it appears they're really struggling. I thought Thor would be casually hovering along raining down electric hell and Hulk would be tossing Ultrons about like a kid in a Chuck'E'Cheese ball pool.

...but it looks like this Ultron fellow is some serious business. I mean, if NINE of the most powerful individuals on the planet are struggling to teach this broken tin can a lesson-

...actually, make that EIGHT. Scarlet Witch is literally slicing through robots like they're cake. I mean, she's got enough time to wreck-face and make hair-swaying Vogue-face for us, too. overpowered.

Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in the US on May 1, 2015

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Who's going to wreck the most face?


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