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Joshua Howse-Stuart

Bruce Wills, Stallone and the Terminator. What more could you ask for such an amazingly high packed action thriller? The third movie in the expendables franchise launches this year but has been accidentally leaked online just as its predecessors were!

The fear is that this will hurt box office totals as many more people will go to the internet for their dose of mindless action instead of the big screen. The target audience for this movie is a mainly male audience and those are unfortunately the majority of us that find ourselves lazed in-front of our computers torrenting our films.

The third instalment of this insane and seriously butt clenchingly cool action series sees the team get back together to take on one of The Expendables’ co-founders, a ruthless arms trader called Stonebanks, Mel Gibson and of course, kick some ass.

But just incase you cant wait until august the 14th for your hit then this trailer below should give you all you need to keep you satisfied until then!


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