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Jd Moores

I'm nowhere near San Diego, unfortunately, but I have caught the image(s) of the Batman suit from Dawn of Justice on display at ComicCon and, frankly, I'm pleased. I know that sounds a bit underwhelming, but I truly admire the evident desire to finally break away from the all black aesthetic first established 25 years ago.

It looks like they fairly faithfully adapted the suit from Grant Morrison's BATMAN, INC., with a fervent nod given to Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS look. Given a performance to match, I think it could work. Part of me wishes they'd at least experimented with a dark blue. Even if it turned out disastrous, there's a part of me that wishes someone would attempt an updated version of the old school blue and gray on the big screen, but for now, I'm quite satisfied with what we seem to be getting in 2016.

What about you?


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