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Zack Snyder blew everyone's mind in Hall H this morning when he revealed just a few precious seconds of the highly anticipated Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the place went nuts with nerd excitement! In just the few moments of the reel Twitter went aflutter with excited tweets from SDCC goers explaining what their very lucky eyes had just witnessed.


A rugged Batman in full Frank Miller heavy-duty armor steps to the Batsignal from out of the shadows. Turning it on in the pouring rain after years of it resting lifeless, illuminating the stormy sky to reveal a sincerely pissed off Superman. Supe's eyes are aglow with a furious red, wearing a deepened scowl aimed straight for our favorite detective. They square off toward one another with determined looks and the scene fades off into the Batman v. Superman logo.

  Frank Miller styled armor
Frank Miller styled armor


This has me more pumped up and eager than ever! From the sounds of it, it's going to be an intense stand off between two of the most loved Superheroes! Whose side are YOU on?


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