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Logan Carnivalli

Warner Bros Studios was first to take the stage in a long day at Hall H. While they advertised Jupiter Ascending, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, fans were also rabid for any DC Comics movie news they would get during the show.

After Comic-Con reps welcomed fans and thanked them for the long wait, the curtains pulled back to reveal a screen that wrapped around the entire front of the room. Chris Hardwick came out to moderate the panel, dressed as Marty McFly.

"Thank you for sleeping on the sidewalk. It will well be worth it, I promise you! Let's just get this started!"

With that, the first footage ran, on the wraparound screen. And it was Superman. And Batman, it's concept art for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman in Gotham, Superman landing in front of him. Insane applause.

Zack Snyder took the stage and said, "Yeah, hey! How's it going? So we were shooting last night, I jumped on a plane to come here this morning. I couldn't be happier with the way everything is going. Normally when people come to these things, they bring SOME shots, SOME footage or something, but we're shooting right now! Okay, okay, we have a teeny little thing!"

And now a little teaser. It's raining, and Batman is in an armored suit. He turns on the bat signal. It looks STRAIGHT out of a Frank Miller drawing. The Bat signal illuminates Superman hovering over him in the sky. His eyes start to glow red, and they zoom in on Batman staring him down. Huge applause.

"Also, I thought I'd bring a couple of my friends here." Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill took the stage. "Also we brought one other person, I brought our Wonder Woman," and Gal Gadot took the stage, and a shot of her as Wonder Woman was revealed! The costume is dark red top with a blue skirt and red boots, gold on the top, and she's holding a sword.

They showed the footage one more time, to screams and applause.


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