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ACTUAL footage shown at SDCC
ACTUAL footage shown at SDCC

There was supposed to be a small showing of some DC related projects during one of there panels today at SDCC. Then that's when everything went BAT-S*** CRAZY!! Out pops Zack Snyder, he says he was up all night filming the new epic comic book movie and he didn't have much to show........EXCEPT THIS!!!

Lights dim and the wrap around screen lights up! It's a figure....a DARK FIGURE!! It's THE BATMAN (Ben Affleck) and he's in a dark rooftop with his hands on a cloth wrapped around something. There is a close up of Batman looking all Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns like with white out eyes.....

The Batman rips the cloth off........THE BATSIGNAL! He turns it on and the fright beam of light streaks to the sky but it's suddenly stopped on something.......IT'S THE [Man of Steel](movie:15593) (Cavil)!! Looking down imposing on Batman.....we go back to Bats and his glowing white eyes staring at Superman.....Superman stars back and his eyes start to glow with the red hue we all know what's coming........THEN BLACK....then [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) fills the screen!!

THE CROWD GOES NUTS.......just the. Zack Snyder brings out Affleck, Cavill AND Gal Gadot (WonderWoman). They stand there enjoy the crowd and then walk off!!

That was it......but it's more then enough for me!!!

Also this is going around as the OFFICIAL [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) poster for Batman vs. Superman.


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