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Listen here, listen here! The BBC have released the 4th series 8 trailer!

I really sound like a town crier in my head when I wrote that. - Yes they do still exist, and no they don't only exist when the Doctor takes me to 18th Century England... Any way, back on track, we have yet another teaser trailer to look at! If you are yet to see it you can click here or watch the trailer above, and rejoin us as we look into the tantalising 15 seconds of footage.

Once more, as in previous trailers, we are greeted by the TARDIS which is as before, on fire and exploding- Wait a second. It's not? Horray! Could this mean the Doctor has finally regained control of the old girl and she is at peace again? Maybe so. Also have you noticed the change in colour? Instead of a blue shining centerpiece that almost gave a cold feel to the TARDIS control room, we now have a warm orange glow welcoming us in like a fire on a winters evening. However, the TARDIS is empty, and yet the Doctor isn't far away. In fact he seems to be resting in a meditative state on top of the Police Box while floating in space above what looks like Earth. Well that's certainly new. I mean really? it seems a bit much doesn't it? Also, where is Clara?

With a close up zoom shot to the Doctor's face we hear one solitary word whispered to us like we are in a dream; "Listen." This is exactly the vibe I got from this trailer, that it was all a dream, a slightly scary one at that. It was the way the Doctor looked right at us and then whispered like he was trying to get a message through to us.

Listen? Listen to what? What are we supposed to be listening for?

  Loki is also listening
Loki is also listening

Maybe the noise of the TARDIS was all too much for the new Doctor to concentrate and so needed to sit outside the TARDIS to focus. Could he be trying to listen for signals from the Time Lords to help him find them, just like the Master heard the rhythmic four beats of the drums?

Whatever the reason for this instruction, whether it was for us or for the Doctor himself, we have a lot to look forward to in the new series. The 12th Doctor's character is slowly beginning to take shape and to quote a twitter follower, he could "be very wrathful." 100% rebel time Lord? Yes please!

What are your thoughts on the 4th trailer? Let me know you're opinions!

Thanks for reading this far! ~ Cara Jane Smith


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