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San Diego Comic-Con is in full-swing and our geek culture is making waves all over the world. Unfortunately the convention center can't hold all the geeks that could possibly want to go, so we decided to bring a taste of it to you!

For The Walking Dead fans, the summer is a tough time. The show goes on it's yearly hiatus and nothing quite seems right in the world. Well we have enough zombie action to hold you over til the fall. The show's fifth season seems to have taken a cue from World War Z, because the action is more visceral than ever. Fans who complain about the shows slower moments should be looking forward to the upcoming blood-splattering season. Here is the trailer for season 5:

Wow. That looks entertaining....typically this is where the POG would give some sort of insight into the clip and what to look forward to next season. Well... we are going to take this one off and let the actual cast and creators of The Walking Dead speak. Here is the complete panel for [The Walking Dead](series:201193) held at San Diego Comic-Con on 7/25.

Sources: Point of Geeks, AMC


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