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Meet Hippolyta of the Marvel Universe. AKA freakin' awesome. Why is she cooler than Wonder Woman?

  • Way cooler costume
  • Bad ass head piece (yeah, yeah, still part of the costume, but I think it deserves extra points)
  • She has blonde dreads....Let me repeat that...Blonde dreads.
  • Lets not forget that awesome tattoo!

Besides the fact that she looks cool, she's also incredibly powerful. Especially after she was resurrected in "The Fearless Defenders". Which by the way is an AMAZING series that was unjustifiably cancelled. Here are her abilities...

  • Incredible strength.
  • Fast.
  • Immortal.
  • An Amazon. So, fantastic fighting skills.
  • When wearing the Gauntlet of Ares her strength increases by 100 times.
  • Flight.
  • Tireless in battle.

Why I fell in love with her? Other than her demographics posted, her personality is...Feisty, shameless, outspoken, competitive, arrogant, and strong. Much like my lady love, Xena Warrior Princess. The banter between her and Valkyrie is also hilarious.

Why am I writing all of this on Moviepilot? For ages now we've asked "Where are our female Super-heroine movies!?!"

Well, without getting the word out, and getting these ladies the attention they not only need, but deserve. It just won't happen. I know Wonder Woman is iconic and there's a lot to love about her, but she's not uniquely the ONLY one with an amazing story and personality. We ladies and gents aren't asking for a Lady Thor ... There are plenty of really awesome super ladies already out there waiting...Hippolyta may seem like a Wonder Woman knock off, but once you read about her, you'll realize how wrong you are.


What do you think of Hippolyta?


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