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Legendary Pictures confirmed [Godzilla 2](movie:1433439) with a tease for what to expect from the sequel film. Garth Edwards was not in Hall H to announce the film because he was in San Francisco for an untitled Star Wars movie. However, a video featuring Edwards was screened for the room. The director stood in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and joked about personally helping cleaning up the city after the King of Monsters destroyed the city. He name dropped the new monsters that would be featured in the sequel film, but was bleeped due to "military confidential reasons." At the tail end of the introduction video, he said he didn't want those monster to get off that island, so it sounds that Godzilla 2 might feature Monster Island.

During Legendary's teaser for the new sequel, the code names for the monsters were revealed. Read the names below:




Legendary Pictures has yet to announce a release date for Godzilla 2, but it's expected in 2016. It's assumed that Gareth Edwards would return to direct, but it's not confirmed.


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