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To start I would get a good actor of to play batman. My choices for this are Matt Bomer,Anson Mount,Richard Armitage, or Luke Evans. Moving on The matter would be what my first movie should be about. I think it would nice Show people first villain batman ever faced to get the ball rolling. most people don't know who Carmine Falcone is. this would be new turn for the batman reboot. with in this first movie would have Dr. Hugo Strange, and Harvey Dent.

Movie #1

Movie #2 movie Two Would opening for Two -face to in come. But this on would reflect events of the first movie.

Movie# 2 Movie Should have Royal Flush gang and Cat woman.

Royal Flush gang
Royal Flush gang

Movie #3 would be bring in Hush.he a child of wealth and privilege. Thomas Elliot, later to becomes Hush. He was close friends with Bruce Wayne. i would also have Dr. Jonathan Crane as well in this one a and young Edward Nygma. all of these would link but lead into the next two movies.

Movie# 4 here comes in with The riddler and his origin story

Movie # 5 this one would be about Scarecrow and his story. but would have also have ragman making for very dark story.

Rory Regan is Ragman, doing good in his community by buying used items from people who need money. The suit of rags that he wears was originally just a costume made from materials found around the rag shop he shared with his father, Rags'n'Tatters. Currently each of the patches in the suit is made from the soul of an evildoer that the Ragman had punished and absorbed.

The absorption of these souls caused a problem for Rory at one point, when the evil souls hungered for murder and finally freed themselves of Ragman. It was only with the support of Batman and Regan's old friend, Rabbi Luria, that he regained control, though at the cost of Luria's life. Ragman's powers have increased since then. Currently, he can absorb souls into his costume. With each new soul added, a rag is added. He can call upon the souls in his costume to lend him their attributes or power. He is also a very proficient magic user.

Movie 6# would be about the Penguin.

Movie # 7 brings in the Joker

Movie 8# would have Joker,Penguin, riddler, and catwoman team up against batman with robin.


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