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So Warner Bros/DC had their Comic Con panel this morning. They brought out Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot out on stage and the crowd went wild!

DC showed some teaser footage to the audience that only people in Hall H have been able to see. But what we have got out hands on is the first official picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

This is very reminiscent of a classic Wonder Woman look but slightly modified for the modern age. She has her signature colors that seemed very toned down for the more dreary tone of DC's recent films. She's rocking a sword (without a shield?) and on her right hip you can see her Lasso Of Truth!

The Lasso Of Truth is of course Wonder Woman's signature weapon, she can get the truth out of anyone by wrapping it round them and I really hope we see that come into play in the film because it is so iconic in the lore of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman seems to be sporting some high heels which don't seem very practical compared to the rest of her armor but I guess if Catwoman can do it, Wonder Woman can too!

What I find most interesting is how true it is to the source material. I was expecting a very modern, dark costume for this character but what we have does look very fantastical and I'm hoping the film delves into the mythology of her character and her culture.

A lot of people were expecting the tiara to be missing from the costume, but its hear and its actually been flipped. Traditionally Wonder Woman's tiara points upwards but here it's facing downwards and that amplifies the look in Gadot's eyes and I like that, that little tool may add to her performance with her eyes. Maybe we could see Diana use her tiara as a weapon, in the comics she actually used it to slit Superman's throat.

She of course has her signature gauntlets that I really hope we she uses as a defensive weapon. She often uses these to deflect bullets.

This really opens up a topic on Wonder Woman's powers. Will she be as invincible as Superman were bullets don't affect her or will she have to use her gauntlets and armor to protect her? I guess we'll find out in 2016 when Batman V Superman hits theaters!

What do you guys think of Wonder Woman's costume? Make sure to let me know down in the comments!


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