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Film Premise: Henry Pym is Scott Lang's mentor. Some unexpected turns begin, and turn the movie into a massive heist-style film.

Footage: Early footage from Ant-Man shows Ant-Man attempting to escape big flying ant, with Michael Douglas as Pym as a voice in his helmet to control the ant and tell her where to go and how to control his powers. Supposedly looks fantastic. "Superheroes. What a goddamned joke," says Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. Seems as though Michael has already done some work for the film! It is unconfirmed whether or not Paul Rudd was in the footage.

Evangeline Lilly: Lilly will be playing Hope van Dyne, daughter of Hank Pym and most likely of Janet van Dyne, known for her role as the Wasp. Hope will most likely be the Wasp in the film. This clearly explains how the Wasp's mantle could still be used in Scott Lang's story without messing up the comic books and not staying true to the story of Hank & Janet.

In the comics, Hope becomes the supervillain known as the Red Queen in an alternate universe, which is her only major appearance in the comic books. Will she be taking on her mother's superhero title, or will she follow the alternate universe storyline and become the Red Queen?

Corey Stoll: Stoll will be playing the titular Yellowjacket, which in the comics was traditionally played by Ant-Man Hank Pym after going crazy. Yellowjacket is a superhero name that has also been used as a superhero. Will Stoll's character turn good? He is Henry Pym's partner, but turns the company in an evil direction that develops him into the villain.

Film Schedule: The film schedule for the movie begins on August 18th in none other than my hometown of Atlanta at the new Pinewood Studios.

Ant-Man hits theaters next summer on July 17th, 2015


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