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It's been over thirty years since Mad Max first hit our screens, and now the post-apocalyptic wasteland is being rebooted in [Mad Max: Fury Road](movie:41445)

George Miller and Warner Brothers revealed posters and a teaser trailer at SDCC, showing us how this fourth installment of the franchise will play out.

First off, the posters look amazing - very gritty and definitely action-focused (what would Mad Max be without the action? Tom Hardy (Inception, [The Dark Knight Rises](movie:39011)) is taking on the lead role, and it looks like he is going to do a fantastic job bringing Max Rockatansky back to life.

This will be the first time that Mel Gibson is not playing Max, but it's no surprise. His age coupled with his fall from grace in Hollywood effectively write off the possibility. If it were just his age, we could still have seen him in some kind of cameo role, but it has been stated that he is not involved in any way with the project. Some fans of the original movies may be disappointed, but it looks like it will be an incredible film anyway.

Charlize Theron stars as Imperator Furiosa, obsessed with a return to her homeland. Theron was not at the panel, but sent a video message talking about how excited she is to work on the project.

The idea of working with a filmmaker like George and attempting to reimagine this world was just an [amazing opportunity.]

Fury Road will pick up after the first movie, so no continuation from Beyond Thunderdome. Instead, we will meet some new faces and see an entirely new story, which Miller has been very secretive about.

I love the look of Nux's poster - it has almost a steampunk vibe to it, and I love the glimpses of war and weaponry in the background and reflections. I also enjoy the bamboo steering wheel - it makes me wonder what other kinds of details we will see in the creation of this world.

Last but not least, we have the villain of this new movie: Immortan Joe, who is after Furiosa (for as yet unknown reasons). He has something of a Bane vibe to him, and I am really looking forward to the backstory behind that skull breathing apparatus.

While the plot is still very much under wraps, visually, this looks absolutely stunning. It's a fantastic world to bring back to life, and I have little doubt that the final product will be an enjoyable straight-up action movie. So far we have heard about tornados, desert car chases, and lots of fighting and shooting to please fans of the original series.

I'm not always a fan of rebooting successful franchises, but I think that this one is going to be a hit!

Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters 15th May, 2015.


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