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The Marvel presentation got straight to the point with Ant-Man as its lead in. Its moderator Chris Hardwick introduced the film's new director Peyton Reed, and its stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, and Corey Stoll.

The footage starts off with a look at Hank Pym's basement lab with a voiceover of Michael Douglas talking to Paul Rudd about paying his debt after getting caught using his technology. The camera slowly pans through the lab and focuses on the Ant-Man helmet. Pym (Douglas) says to Scott Lang (Rudd), "It's just a small job."

The next scene is an ant-sized Lang running around under a circuit board, as he jumps from one platform to another while talking to Pym through a walkie-talkie in the helmet. Lang trips and falls and injures the helmet, almost breaking it. He asks Pym what he should do when an ant approaches him. Pym tells him to "just talk to it." Lang jumps on the ant, as if it were a horse, but he's unable to communicate with the insect.

Ant-Man movie poster
Ant-Man movie poster

Someone (maybe a security guard) hears the noise and Lang panics that the Ant-Man suit is malfunctioning and starts to run away, then jumps on a wasp to get away from danger. Then the footage cuts to the movie's logo and summer 2015 tease.

Please keep in mind, Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd weren't actually in the footage. Their voices were in voiceover and the scene was a CGI animated visual effect. The footage looked good nevertheless. It captured the tone of the film, which seemed to be dark and dirty, unlike any other Marvel movie before it.

Hank Pym seemed like a bitter man who's not very happy. He actually says at one point, "Superheroes? What a goddamn joke." Ant-Man has the potential to surprise audiences and fans, but we actually need to see Paul Rudd in the suit.

Ant-Man opens in theaters on July 17, 2015.


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