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The return of the king ape himself is coming soon. In the Legendary panel on Saturday, they showed a teaser of Skull Island a new take Kong its either a prequel of the 2006 film or 1933 film. nothing is confirmed yet. Fans believe that there will be a crossover of King Kong and Godzilla in the near future. A remake of a true classic, KING KONG v.s. GODZILLA. It would make sense, Legendary did there own version of Godzilla and now they are working on there own version of Kong? Something is in the works here I sense it already! I'm not the only one thinking this, quite a few tweets and comments have been posted about the idea of the duel. Could we see King Kong fight Godzilla in the third movie? That's very possible now. Now from what is said about the teaser, its raining on the island and the camera pans up and we see Kong pounding his chest. Now that gave me chills when I imagined it. Below is a link to the article about the film and some of the tweets about it.

What do you think readers, will we see the match of history soon or not?


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