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Dean Pagliaroli III

I hold this television show in the same regard I hold the movies. It's so innovative and unbelievably beautiful to watch. That means we should see Bryan Fuller's plans for the show reach completion in his original ending for everyone's favorite Cannibal. But before we get there, we have to go through the other books. The book "Hannibal" is being done partially this season, so i'll exclude that. Lets start with Red Dragon:

Francis Dolarhyde

Francis Dolarhyde is the last criminal Will Graham helps the FBI catch, he is ruthless and will not stop because his acts make him god. For that you need someone who can play a character with a great depth, and can go by unnoticed.

Christopher Eccleston

If this man walked by you in a crowd you wouldn't take a second glance. He's very unassuming but has proven to have so much depth as an actor.

Reba McClane

Francis Dolarhyde's blind girlfriend who almost makes him stop his murders, almost.

Dakota Johnson

Gaining fame as the female lead in the film adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey, she also had roles in films such as The Social Network, 21 Jump Street, and Need For Speed. She doesn't grasp for the attention of others, they give it to her because she deserves it, like Reba.

Now we go into The Silence Of The Lambs, this part may not even happen if MGM doesn't decide to play ball.


Barney is the heart of the story, he's a fan favorite and just ll around kind person. That needs to be reflected because we've seen people who work at the Baltimore Hospital For The Criminally Insane.

LaVan Davis

If there's anything I learned from watching Tyler Perry TV it's that even his comedies have deeper messages. LaVan played Curtis Payne a man who at times was fun and serious. He is perfectly capable of playing the role.

Senator Ruth Martin

Mother of Buffalo Bills last attempted victim, would presumably play a larger role in the show.

Lisa Kudrow

She's talented, and I don't know how looks like she would be a good politician. and she was Phoebe on friends.

Catherine Martin

Buffalo Bills last attempted victim, and the person they are searching for in most of the book.

Brie Larson

I found her performances in 21 Jump Street and Scott Pilgrim vs The World incredible.

Buffalo Bill

The main villain of the story, He needs to be creepy, rude, and just evil.

Rainn Wilson

Two words, Dwight. Schrute.

Clarice Starling

The Hero of the story, she needs to be powerful, beautiful, smart, and motivated.

Rachel Nichols

No rookie to playing an FBI rookie, portrayed Ashley Seaver on Criminal Minds.

We now venture in Hannibal Rising which will presumably be told through a series of Flashbacks in early Season 3:

Mischa Lecter

I believe she should be portrayed quite similarly to the film, but of slightly more importance and a bit older.

Bailee Madison

She has had many roles throughout her career and plays sad well.

Zigmas Milko

One of Lecter's targets with the most awesome death I've seen in the series.

Vinnie Jones

He's very imposing and could serve as a challenge for Lecter leading to his ultimate demise.

Enrikas Dortlich

Definitely second best death, another creep.

Jackie Earle Haley

There is no doubt in my mind that this man can play creepy. Rorschach and Freddy Krueger.

Vladis Grutas

Lecter's hatred boils in him. He would need to be brutal and cruel and just unforgivable.

Ray Stevenson

He played the most unforgiving and brutal version of The Punisher yet.

Young Hannibal Lecter

The final choice is the boy before the man.

Allan Hyde

He, like Mads is Danish, and sort of resembles the New Hannibal.

That's it. Bye


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