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Hi, My Name Is Kevin Sekenski, And I Have Loved Movies My Entire Life! I've Always Thought That Movies Are A Gateway, To Amazing Things!
Kevin Sekenski

Listen to all of your favorite songs from popular Disney films such as, "Mulan" and "Beauty and the Beast" stating what happened to them after all of their dreams came true!

I know that if I don't sate this, then I might just get killed for it. So, let me be the first to say that this might just ruin your childhood.

This first one comes from 2013!

And this one is from this year!

Sorry! Well, I hope that at least just brightened your da- wait, no, I can't really say that... Crap!

Um, well, bye?

Feel free to tell me what you thought of the videos and the stories below in the comments.


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