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We are back for a few more rounds of slop til you drop battles. This time, we're traveling forward to the future and beyond! YOU, the fans decide which one will leave the movie Thunderdome Victorious!

To recap the last two rounds:

Selene Vs Alice. It was a close call, but the winner by popular vote is:

I never had a doubt. While I love Selene, Alice with her powers would just be too much for Selene to withstand. Advances to Quarter Finals!

Darryl Vs. Ash....By a LANDSLIDE the winner is:

The man has fought the unholy dead, and has a chain saw for a hand. How can Darryl withstand that? Don't forget folks visit housewares at S-Mart! Advances to Quarter Finals


We step into the future where everyone is a target and no one is safe. I put individuals with similar powers/skill sets together to see who is better at what they do. There are two rounds, but I don't have the final say, you all are the judge, jury and executioner. This time, there will be no team ups. You have to pick one or the other. Remember, the rules of the Thunderdome, TWO (WO)MAN ENTER, ONE (WO)MAN LEAVES!!

FIRST ROUND: Riddick VS Dredd: Cat and Mouse

Richard B. Riddick

"Richard B. Riddick, escaped convict, murderer."

Riddick first appears in the film pitch black an intergalatic anti-hero on the run from the universe. Through three films (Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick) he out last Aliens, Necromongers, and nasty mercenaries to be known as the best escape artist across the universe. We learn his is from the planet Furya. Furya is not known for being home to superhumans, but not much else is known about the planet. From the looks of Riddick's skills and abilities, his home planet just may have something to do with it with his innate ability to escape his captors and avoid death.


  • Advanced human strengths
  • Advanced human speed (especially for a person his size)
  • Stamina
  • Agility
  • Resistant to pain and rapid healing
  • Adaptability and survivalist
  • Leap impressively long distances
  • Does not tire easily
  • Both eyes "shined" (meaning he can see clearly in complete darkness)
  • The ability to transfer energy between other Furyans
  • Master of escapism
  • Skilled in weaponry and hand to hand combat
  • Skilled pilot
  • Heightened intelligence


  • Arrogance
  • Loner
  • Eyes are extremely sensitive to light (especially sunlight)
  • Continues to get caught and thrown in jail

Snake Plissken

"F**K you! I'm going to Hollywood"

Rebel and rule breaker Snake Plissken appears for the first time at John Carpenter's movies "Escape from New York" and "Escape from L.A. A former Army special ops officer, was one of the most decorated young solgiers of his time. However, he dared to take a stand against a corrupt govermental system in a post apocalyptic world, and was betrayed by those he'd sworn to protect.

He turned to a life of crime soon after, and In 1997 he was arrested and was sentenced to life in the New York city maximum security prison. However, when the president falls into peril, only one man can save him: Snake Plissken to the F**king rescue!


  • Escape Artist
  • Good at hiding
  • Inventor
  • Good with electronics and Gadgets
  • High intellect
  • Weapons master
  • Master Marksmanship
  • Master military strategist
  • Skilled in Unarmed Combat
  • Skilled bike rider
  • Sense of humor
  • Survivalist


  • Walks with a limp
  • Missing one eye
  • Lacks Agility
  • Chain smoker (cigarettes)


Who will escape the Thunderdome alive?

ROUND 2: The Road Warriors: Dredd Vs. Mad Max


"I am the law."

Mega-City One in the 22nd century, a vast urban nightmare situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. The irradiated wasteland known as The Cursed Earth to the west covering most of America, and the polluted Black Atlantic to the east.Judge Dredd, one of a number of clones of Chief Judge Fargo, is the most famous of the elite corps of Judges that run Mega-City One with the power not only to enforce the law, but also to instantly sentence offenders; to death if necessary. He is JUDGE, JURY and EXECUTIONER. He will kill your ass and won't think twice.


  • Emotion Control
  • An expansive knowledge of electronics and gadgets
  • Extreme knowledge of the law
  • Leadership
  • Expert Strategist
  • Expert Marksman
  • Stamina (does not tired quickly)
  • Stealth (with Lawmaster Motor bike)
  • Lawmaster Motor Bike equipt with mounted cannons and a centrally-mounted laser (the 'Cyclops' laser), and has full Artificial Intelligence.
  • Super Sight
  • Extreme environmental and self awareness
  • Master of unarmed Combat
  • Weapon master


  • Relies heavily on weapons and armor
  • Moves slow on foot
  • Not very vocal
  • Often works alone (not always a weakness but you know what I mean)

Max Rockatansky aka Mad Max aka Road Warrior

"If you want to get out of here, talk to me"

Maximillian "Max" Rockatansky started his apocalyptic adventure as a Main Force Patrol officer who fought for peace on the decaying roads of Australian civilization. Max served as the last line of defense against the reckless mauraders terrorizing the roadways, driving a V8 Interceptor. With the world about to crumble. Resigning from the Force Patrol, Max left with his wife Jessie and infant son for a life of solitude in the quiet countryside. But the gang, lead by Toecutter, stalked the Rockatanskys. Ruthlessly, they ran down and murdered both his son and wife before his eyes, deaths which had a shattering effect on Max, for they transformed him into a bitter being full of hatred and anger. Thus, Maximilian becomes the anti-hero we have come to know as MAD MAX.


  • Master Roadsman and driver (Almost likened to a master road stuntman)
  • Offroad driving
  • Stealth (due to V8 Interceptor: a limited 351cu version of a 1973 Ford XB) GT Falcon
  • Strategist
  • Environmental and self-awareness
  • Weapons master
  • Ingenuity
  • Familiarity with vast locations (the outback)
  • Mechanic skills
  • Skilled in unarmed combat


  • Walks with a limp
  • Slow on foot
  • Emotions
  • Humans


Who Is The Real Road Warrior?

Ok folks, cast your votes. Who will survive the Thunderdome in Round 2!!


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