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Well the most anticipated day at the San Diego Comic-Con was Saturday hands down. This day featured panels for Marvel and DC films. Many were expecting surprise announcements and clarification on castings and future films. This didn't happen as expected, however the panels were entertaining and provided a little bit of insight into each production.

First up is the very brief panel featuring the Trinity of the DC universe in live action:

There has been much turmoil in the production of Ant-Man. However Marvel pulled it together and hosted a panel. Kevin Feige, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and more joined the fun:


And The Avengers panel never seems to disappoint. They brought the entire gang and are they fun!

Unfortunately the footage for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not available to the public. We will be bringing it to you when it's released.

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to check and stay up to date on the latest breaking news this weekend and beyond!!!

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