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We are about half way through Season 4 of Teen Wolf and the mystery is in full swing. Who is the Benefactor? Here are the five people I think could be the Benefactor.

1. Peter Hale

Could it be time for Peter's endgame? Since he tricked Lydia into bringing him back Peter has had a plan. When he killed Jennifer Blake he yelled that he always was and always would be the Alpha. Now the way for Peter to do that is to kill Scott and take his power. He could do just that with this plan. To get to Scott he would have to take out his allies. First get the information Kate would need to put her plan for Derek into action unless Kate already knew the information she needed from her past with Derek. Regardless Peter could use that information to get his opening to steal his own money and get Derek out of the way. Also if he partnered with Kate as Peter and put a hit out on her as The Benefactor she would not think it is him. With Derek out of the way Peter would need to take care of his supernatural friends, so you make a list of all supernaturals and then put hits out on them. The hit on him can be explained because the Mute could have been after Derek and the attempt on his life removes him as a suspect from Scott's Pack. The only piece that does not fit is the use of Allison and Aiden's names. Then again he could do it to play a trick on them because he really is an asshole that way. The biggest issue with this theory is why all of the supernatural creatures in the town? He would only need to take out the Pack to get to Scott.

2. Danny Mahealani

While I do not think Danny would do this because of what we have seen of the character the evidence paints a different picture. First he was good with computers, which we saw back when Jackson was still living in Beacon Hills. Secondly we found out that he knew about the supernatural world to some extent in the final episode of Season 3. The third thing has to do with how he knew about Peter's place under the school. Well we do not know how much he knew about Beacon Hills or for how long he knew it. With that he mind his research into telluric currents could have lead him to learn a lot we did not know about. The episode where Danny vomits mistletoe Ethan said it meant Lydia was important, so what was Danny up to? Lastly he knew both Allison and Aiden. The only problem is why

? I get that he knew about the supernatural, but he never exhibited harsh feelings towards the Pack or any one for that matter.

3. Agent Rafael McCall

He needed to come back for something right? When Agent McCall came back because of the sacrifices the reason was not clear. Then we found out it was because Scott fell down the stairs as a child and he blamed himself. Maybe I'm cynical, but I do not buy it. The chance of him randomly getting assigned the case is slim, so I'm guessing he asked to take the case. Then the whole ploy to take down the Sheriff and get close to his son took the place of a plainly stated reason. On top of that all of 3B weird things were going on and he wasn't continually asking questions like he had previously or putting things together when it came to the Oni. Being part of the FBI finding out the Hale family had money would not be that difficult. The only missing pieces are how he found the money's location as well as his knowledge and hatred of supernatural creatures. He was waiting up for Scott when he got back from Mexico, so he could have been aware of it. When the Nemeton was given power again supernatural creatures just kept showing up, which could have pushed Agent McCall over the edge. This could explain why he is willing to take out his son because he is part of the problem. Plus his FBI status could give him the access and ability to create this false identity and find assassins. I honestly doubt Agent McCall is the Benefactor, but he has to be more interesting. Doesn't he?

4. Marin Morrell

She maintains balance. It's what she does. When Stiles, Alison and Scott gave the Nemeton power again they offset the balance in Beacon Hills. Morrell has always been a mystery and she knows about the supernatural world extensively. Back to balance. That would be her motive. She knows about all the supernatural people in Beacon Hills except for Liam. Plus as an emissary she may have kept track of everyone who came to town after the Nemeton became a beacon again. Utilizing Aiden and Allison's names could be her way of blaming Scott and friends for causing the imbalance.

5. Gerard Argent

He is crazy and in a wheelchair. This is right up Gerard's alley. First of all he was a hunter so killing all of the supernatural people is no surprise. More importantly he likes to move people around like puzzle pieces. Getting Kate to get in the vault, hiring a person to steal from Peter and then contracting out to assassins. Seems like him. Gerard is evil like Peter, so I'm sure he is aware that Peter wants to be an Alpha again. I would say Allison's death set him off, but at his core he is an angry man. Using Aiden and Allison's name is a personal attack on the Pack.


Who do you think is The Benefactor?


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