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There has been an awakening...have YOU felt it?
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They strike hard and fade away into the night. A tale with a rich story and beloved characters. Few fans would suspect that artist Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird developed their turtle ideas from little more than a joke sketch and their appreciation for Frank Miller's Ronin and Marvel's New Mutant comic book series. Influenced by these works, their characters borrowed story elements from superheroes like Daredevil, namely with his encounter with a toxic chemical spill, and a deadly ninja clan called the Hand. As such they were introduced within a colorless, gritty, and a violent story of revenge and honor. Specifically it centered on an old mutant rat named Splinter and his four likewise mutated turtles.

The Tale of the [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) began in 1960's Japan where Splinter ounce lived as the pet of master Humoto Yoshi, the finest warrior of the Foot clan whom he studied from his cage. Unfortunately he was pitted in a fierce competition with fellow clan member Oroku Nagi and the two fought for everything including the love of a woman. This came to a head when Nagi beat the woman out of jealousy and anger, enraged Yoshi took it upon himself to to kill his Nagi, an action which shamed him in the eyes of the clan and forced him to escape to America. After arriving in New York City Yoshi was soon pursuit by Nagi's younger brother Oroku Saki who had become the clan's deadliest warrior and the leader of the American branch.


Taking on the identity of the Shredder Saki tracked down and killed Yoshi and his wife, surviving the onslaught Splinter was forced to wander alone until he eventually witnessed a can of toxic waste glide from a truck and knock a bowl from a boys hands into the sewer. Finding four young turtles Splinter gathered them up from the ooze that had spilled from the canister before discovering that they had all grown larger intelligence and able to speak. Surfing as their surrogate father Splinter taught them his knowledge of Shinjitsu and gave them names from an art book he found in a storm drain. When the turtles turned 13 they completed their training under four separate weapons skill and Splinter finally task them with avenging his master, to do so Splinter sent Raphael to infiltrate the Foot headquarters and deliver a challenge for a dual that would restore Humoto Yoshi's honor.


Arriving as requested Shredder examine the creatures from a far of rooftop and pondered their connection with Yoshi before sending in his ninjas to destroy them, emerging victorious in the battle the turtles were injured and Shredder took the opportunity to try to finish them off however he underestimated them and was stabbed in the torso by Leonardo. Defeated Shredder was offered an honorable death by committing Seppuku refusing Shredder pulled out a bomb before Donatello struck him off the roof with his bow staff. With their mission complete the turtles returned home having slipped away into the night.


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