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Over the years, video games like Mortal Kombat and DOOM have gone through what comic books went like in the movies, for a while comic book movies sucked and sucked hard *cough* Barb Wire and Judge Dredd *cough* but eventually as soon as the year 2000 hit they got awesome because movies like X-Men and Spider-Man were coming out and now comic book movies are the biggest genre of all time, and the same is happening to video games we went through our Batman & Robins and our Barb Wires with Street Fighter and DOOM.

There have been a couple of good video game movies, the Mortal Kombat movie (the first one) was good but not spectacular and the recent Need For Speed movie was enjoyable but still not spectacular. It seems now that video game movies are getting good with a Uncharted movie coming out and the Metal Gear Solid movie and we will also see how the new Hitman movie coming out next year is. The rules for this list is the video game can't be a adaptation (like a game based on a book or comic) so lets start!

#5- Hotline Miami

See that picture I put under the Hotline Miami name? Well that is exactly what I thought about if they ever made a Hotline Miami film. (Probably not since Moviepilot changes my pictures and messes up what I wrote when I talk about a picture above but whatever) Imagine this: A Hotline Miami movie directed by Nicholas Winding Refn starring Ryan Gosling! The game itself was inspired by the movie Drive so why not get the director and star that the game was based off of back for a movie. If they do make this movie, make it like Drive and not like Only God Forgives, okay?

#4- Shadow Of The Colossus

Imagine a Shadow Of The Colossus film directed by Peter Jackson, imagine the score for the movie, imagine being in the theater and getting the same feeling you got when you first saw Smaug in the second Hobbit film, and you hear and feel the footsteps of the Colossi, imagine the amazement everyone will have on their faces when you first see these huge beasts and seeing our main character take all of them down...sounds awesome doesn't it?

#3- [Mortal Kombat](movie:38705)

Yes, I know that Mortal Kombat already had two movies and a webseries, but we need a new Mortal Kombat movie with blood and guts! It is a very profitable franchise now that we have MK9 and MKX on the way! Plus, this way the kids can have their Pg-13 Mortal Kombat movie, and we can have our ultra-violent MK movie.

#2- Skyrim

Skyrim is still very popular in the gaming community and people are still playing it 3 years after the release date! The movie could make lots of money, just think about it: The story of a prisoner turned respected warrior who kills the most powerful dragon in the land...Alduin! That sounds awesome!

#1- Team Fortress 2

Now you may be asking yourself "But TF2 doesn't have a story!" well no it doesn't but all the characters have lovable personalities and you might also be saying "LIVE ACTION TF2? THAT IS JUST STUPID!" and yes it is that is why this film would be made using what Valve used to create all those hilarious "Meet the..." videos and the TF2 short film "Expiration Date" (the animation software Source Filmmaker and you can get it for free!), now watch that short film and tell me you wouldn't want to see that on the big screen! Since TF2 also has a very large following behind it, the movie would definitely make back alot more than what it would cost to make, and Valve, if you are reading this, make this movie so that we can show people that video game movies can be awesome, and if you do make this, make it R-Rated! Below I am going to put the "Expiration Date" TF2 short film to convince you that "Team Fortress: The Movie" should be a thing:


Which one would you like to see happen the most?


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