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In the Green Arrow lexicon, Oliver Jonas Queen has worked with a great many people who have grown into a sort of family for him. The Black Canary, Arsenal, Speedy, Batman, Dodger, and Green Lantern Hal Jordan have come to be some of Oliver's most trusted allies. But how many of them can say that they actually ARE Oliver's family? None. But you know who can? Connor Hawke. So, without further ado, here are my three reasons why Connor Hawke needs to show his ass up in Arrow.

1.) He creates a tangible, relatable conflict for Oliver.

We've already seen Oliver tackle an angry, roided-out pretty boy, a vengeful, roided-out badass Australian, and a wealthy, well-trained business-assassin. How about something more tangible and relatable? Sure, the arc where Oliver was trying to help Roy control the mirakuru was awesome, and so was the whole Slade arc (which was really just season 2, am I right?), but now we need to see something that hits Oliver close to home. His mother is dead, and that sucks, but if we get Connor, he's about to find out that even in death, Moira is still keeping secrets, and that is going to absolutely destroy him. In season 2, we got to see the lengths to which Moira was willing to go to spare her son pain. She paid off the mother of Oliver's child, bribing her to tell him that she had lost the baby. The mother of that child was never named, but it is possible that this is Sandra Hawke, Connor's mother. What this does for Oliver is it gives him a shocker. He's just bumbling along in his little Arrowverse, and then all of a sudden, some punk-ass kid comes into his life and throws everything out of whack with three words: "I'm your son." It also brings something to the table for Roy. Now that Connor's here, Oliver might not have as much time for Roy's training, and that could lead to yet another falling out between the two, an event that could even lead to Roy's development as a true hero, not just a sidekick.

2.) He's an interesting character by himself.

Not only is Connor the son of Oliver Queen, he's illegitimate, which means that there are going to be all kinds of ramifications for their relationship. In the comics, Connor ends up fighting Oliver in the Blackest Night storyline, and they have their fair share of bumps in the father-son road. One thing that really makes me want him to come to the show is this one line he has in Green Arrow Vol. 2, Issue 100. Connor is being told by everyone around him to just give up on his father and to let Oliver die, and he has this to say.

I'm not giving up on him. I don't care if he's a jerk or a traitor or whatever. It's taken all this time to find him and I'm not giving up on my father.

Is this kid cool or what? I mean, Superman was telling him to give up on Ollie, and he was defiant to the single most overpowered being on the planet. Despite the fact that Oliver abandoned him and his mother, despite the fact that he grew up with an abusive step-father and a mother who didn't really care at all, Connor honestly believes in Oliver's capacity for change and renewal, and he honestly desires a relationship with his father.

3.) He's an all-around badass.

Connor is in may ways his father's equal. He's got similar skill sets, including archery, eskrima, swordplay, and various forms of martial arts. Connor is a master of the Japanese martial art of Aikido, which neutralizes the opponent by using their own force against them. He has also received a great deal of training in the art of blind fighting and in several other forms of martial artistry. In addition to his proficiency in these skills, Connor is able to duplicate the skills of others, a la Marvel's Taskmaster. During his youth, he underwent zen training, and as a result is gifted with limited clairvoyance. Having undergone genetic experimentation at the hand of Doctor Sivana, Connor possesses a regenerative healing factor and a higher pain tolerance. He can take several direct gunshots to the chest and sustain little to no injury whatsoever. On the archery side of things, Connor is a master of the Kyudo discipline, though not nearly as proficient as Oliver, and he has a propensity for using trick arrows.

So yeah. In conclusion, we need Connor Hawke in this show. This is something we all need in our lives.


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