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Lynn Antony

This is an official plead to get Harry Potter back.Browsing through facebook ,I saw several fans requesting the same thing - Bring back Harry potter..


Who wants Harry Potter back?

Maybe everyone together can make this happen.The fans are more depressed by the announcement of J.K Rowling,that she has decided to write no more Harry Potter books as she is happy writing crime novels under the name Robert Galbraith....It just broke my heart.Harry Potter has already became a part of our life (still believes in hogwarts)

Even though,we know its not gonna happen,there is no problem with trying.....I don't remember the exact name but their was a comment in which the person( who I think was a boy) says "She should bring back Harry Potter or make new books like The dumbledore chronicles or the voldemort chronicle.We would love to hear their side of the stories or their legacies".

I hope it melts someone's heart to see how many are thinking about Harry Potter...


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