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There have been talks of a [Deadpool](movie:38663) movie for seemingly forever, basically ever since Ryan Reynolds appeared as the Merc with a Mouth in Wolverine: Origins. However, it has been "in development" for so long that I was beginning to think it would never actually happen.

Now, test footage of the project has been leaked! Check it out.

This is clearly just test footage (possibly even a fan video, so take it with a grain of salt), and it looks pretty heavily CGI'd, so this is no confirmation that the movie will be going ahead. However, this does basically confirm that the project is being moved forward in some way. Or...that at some point it WAS moving forward.

The voice work is very recognizable as Ryan Reynolds, so if nothing else, we can get a taste of the direction that he would go with the character. This would definitely be an action comedy (heavy on the comedy) which would make some fans very happy. Reynolds is great as a comedic actor, so we know he could pull off that angle very easily.

Deadpool comic
Deadpool comic

The suit is amazing, and I love that Deadpool is talking directly to the camera (how could he have a movie without breaking the fourth wall?). There are lots of other little elements that are perfect, like the crayons in the opening shot.

It had been looking like the Deadpool project was dead, but it remains a fan favorite, and this test footage shows us that it isn't completely flatlined.

I'm still not a fan of Reynolds for the role, and truly hope that if the movie gets made that it doesn't completely ignore the darker elements of the character. Either way, I'll just be happy to see a stand-alone X-Men movie that isn't all about Wolverine!

Now that you've seen this, what do you think of Reynolds in the role?

Edit: Since posting this, I have learned that this is legitimate test footage, however, it is from 2011, when Tim Miller was developing the project. So it looks like there may not be any new movement at the moment, but it is awesome to see where they were going at the time. Who knows, maybe the fan reaction to the leaked footage may help push Fox into getting this movie made!



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