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If you actually are one of the dedicated few who are sticking with Kevin Bacon-vehicle The Following, the producers brought good news to SDCC! Frankly, even my deep and abiding love of the Baconator couldn't withstand the hackneyed and relentless story lines and ridiculous characterization, so I don't know anything about the ending of season two. But according to series-star K-Bac, things will be much different on The Following come season three.

And it never... frigging... ENDED!
And it never... frigging... ENDED!

When the series starts back up (ONE YEAR LAAAATER), Bacon's FBI Agent Ryan Hardy is in a relationship with a doctor named Gwen:

"We're living together and she has a daughter. I'm actually trying to experience some domesticity. Along with the inner struggle to pull [Ryan] together, he's also taking on a giant adjustment being a dad."

Apparently, while ripples of Joe Carroll will remain in The Following, season three will offer a brand new threat and perhaps, a brand new following? New show-runner Jennifer Johnson is hoping to make the series a bit more "Hitchcockian," with a focus on more of what you don't see than what you do. There will also be a new, mysterious villain that will reveal themselves as the season goes on.

As long as it isn't you.
As long as it isn't you.

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Will you tune back in for 'The Following' in Season Three?


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