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Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe must've used the Switching Spell, because this weekend he transformed himself into Spider-Man! Yep, you might know him as The Boy Who Lived, but Dan had yet another surprise for us at this year's SDCC...

Radcliffe, owing to his hard nerd cred, obviously has a tough time walking the convention hall floor at Comic-Con without being swamped by thousands of fans. His solution, like so many other recognizable faces before him, was to wear a mask. Actually, he had a full Spidey suit. Check this out:

Explaining himself, Radcliffe said of the costume:

I did an American accent for the whole time. I even took a rucksack, so I look like I'm just coming to Comic-Con. I had a whole look. But it was great … I took lots of pictures with people who did not know that it was me.
I always loved that character. I love the comics, actually, as well. I almost got a picture with two girls dressed as Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, but the moment had passed.

The young thesp may have been inspired by Bryan Cranston, who donned a Walter White-Heisenberg mask at last year's Comic-Con and put on a voice in order to attend the convention in peace.

That's meta, maaan.

Who else has turned up in disguise at the convention? Well, there was...

Matt Smith

Who dressed as Bart Simpson for the entirety of SDCC and got BBC America to document the whole thing. I guess there's so much craziness at CC that no one questions a Brit in a Simpsons mask being followed around by a camera crew...


Peter Jackson

Nope, not a Hobbit, or an Orc. PJ decided to go as an evil jester. I guess he didn't want to have to answer any angry fan questions about The Hobbit: Battle of the Bloated Overlong 5 Hour Movie...


Simon Pegg

Pegg accompanied his Boba Fett disguise with a Tweet saying: "I'll be disguised as a Stormtrooper but if you successfully identify me on the floor I will make out with you."


Jack Black

Jack paid $200 for the disguise just so he could try and buy some goodies without fans noticing. He should have worn that helmet in his cameo for the movie, Sex Tape. He owes me the cost of a theater ticket.


What celebrity disguises would you love to have spotted at this year's SDCC?


Favorite SDCC disguise?

(Source: DailyMail)


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