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Although neither Ian Somerhalder or Nikki Reed have confirmed they are an item, they've done little to dispel the rampant speculation in The Vampire Diaries fandom that they're dating.

But now, the proof is stacking up into a pile so mighty that I would be more shocked if it turned out these vampiric love birds weren't together.

Somerhalder was snapped keeping his head down as he left Nikki Reeds house on Friday, but they didn't part ways after their stealthy emergence...

  Ian and Nikki leaving her house on Fri
Ian and Nikki leaving her house on Fri

Instead, According to the Daily Mail, Nikki and Ian went on to spend a "PDA-packed night out" at comic-con on Saturday, but the British newspaper wasn't the only one with a scoop...

People magazine also reported that the pair were in the the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on Saturday night, where they "held each other's faces and were kissing sweetly and passionately".

And, if that wasn't enough proof for all of the naysayers out there, [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star and the Twilight actress were also spotted out on the town on Sunday night.

The loved up duo reportedly enjoyed a dinner date at Craig's in West Hollywood, and although they left separately to throw the Paparazzi off of their scent, they were definitely enjoying time together alone.

  Ian and Nikki on Sunday night
Ian and Nikki on Sunday night

Surely, they would have to be really good friends to spend this much time together? And I'm pretty sure Ian wasn't braiding Nikki's hair and watching chick flicks during their alleged Friday night sleepover...

What are your thoughts? Romance or Rumor?


Do you think Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are Together?

(Source: Just Jared and The Daily Mail)


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