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I'm just going to leave this video here and quietly back away: It's a riled-up, over-Botoxed Joan Rivers being asked at LAX about the current Israel-Palestine conflict...

Even when Joan appears irked, the interviewer continues to question the woman about the Israeli state that engages in indiscriminate violence against innocent women and children...

And what's one of the best ways to irritate a woman who perhaps feels a teensy little bit sensitive about her age? Yep: inform her that young, successful, beautiful pop songstress Selena Gomez went and tweeted a pro-Gaza message! (Actually, what she said was, "Please pray for those families and babies today. Please always remember what's important in life.")

Joan could not cope with hearing about this kind of compassion coming from 22-year-old Gomez, and began to hurl insults at the poor girl, saying things like, "Let's see if she can spell Palestinian!" Harsh.

Just see how much absolute anger can come from just one old, bitter woman:

Dementia, when coupled with poor taste and poorer judgement, results in women like this. Rivers certainly does not speak for me on the issue and if nothing else, I admire Selena for speaking up.

Did the interviewer unfairly rile Joan up for the sake of a cheap video? Or is Joan really one crazy, delusional celebrity?


Who is in the wrong, here?

(Source: TMZ)


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