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Ron Mann's latest documentary, Altman, has been selected to play the Venice International Film Festival in the Classics section.

The movie is an in-depth look at the life and times of filmmaker Robert Altman (M*A*S*H, Nashville, Gosford Park) who, while refusing to bow down to Hollywood's conventions, was made famous for his unique style which "won him friends and enemies, earned him worldwide praise, and occasionally scathing criticism, and proved that it is possible to make truly independent films".

Mann's name should be familiar to documentary devotees as the man behind 1988's Comic Book Confidential and 1999's Grass, two flicks that examined underground subcultures and how they'd changed over the years.

Anyway, check out the latest trailer and stills from the documentary, and see if it piques your interest:

What an astoundingly diverse, innovative, personal and fruitful cinematic legacy this man left...


Will you be watching out for Altman?

(Source: IndieWire)


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