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Karly Rayner

San Diego Comic-Con might be best known for its grand unveils and epic cinematic announcements, but it's capacity to bring us weird and wonderful moments is often gravely unappreciated.

Never in my widest dreams did I imagine I would see Channing Tatum awkwardly duetting with legendary hip hop artist Biz Markie, but that is exactly what happened on [The Book of Life](movie:364131) panel at Comic-Con.

You get the impression that Chan doesn't really know all the words, but at least he made a real stab at distracting us with those cringeworthy 'street' arm movements!

Check out the video for yourself below;

Don't worry Channing, I've seen your moves in [Magic Mike](movie:203046) and have great faith you're not a dad dancer really.


What did you think of Channing Tatum and Biz Markies Duet?

(Source: Yahoo Movies)


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