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The first set of chunky table scraps from the geek-asmic gathering that was the San Diego Comic-Con have tumbled off the table for the rest of us, beginning with the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. Bravely stepping into the post-apocalyptic plimsolls worn by Mel Gibson, Tom Hardy takes the lead role as our heroic road warrior under the watchful eye of George Miller, who reunites with his cinematic creation in a brand new way.

After several head scratching plot details that couldn’t be dealt with due to a time gap of 29 years (feel that? that’s age creeping up on you), director George Miller decided instead to tell a chapter of Mad Max Rockatansky for a new generation. Fury Road sees our lad mowing down wrongdoers as best he can, whilst still in search of peace after the death of his wife and child. He doesn’t look to be finding it any time soon though, when he gets into the same lane as Furiosa, (Charlize Theron) a woman who is searching for her forgotten home, which could bring safety to hers and others from the chaos that ravages the land. Somewhere between a chalk-skinned Nicolas Hoult turns up, Max becomes a hood ornament and cars go vroom, vroom, ker-smash like poetry in motion.

The petrol-soaked, fume-filled preview clearly demonstrates that Miller hasn’t lost touch with the barren wasteland he created all those years ago, wrecking vehicles in an artistic fashion this take looks grim and beautifully bleak. Thankfully there’s also a number of nods to the respected fan base of the original as well, keeping Max’s old jacket and sticking him behind the wheel of a very familiar vehicle. One highlight that might really rev fans engines is the return of Hugh Keays-Byrne who of course played big, bad Toecutter in the original film and is taking to the road as the metal-faced monster Immortan Joe.

What’s your verdict though? Has the first glimpse of Fury Road started your engine and Hardy’s the man to take over? Or do you think that, much like the great songstress and herald Tina Turner predicted, we don’t need another hero? Thoughts in the comments below if you please, preferably before Mad Max: Fury Road arrives in cinemas May 15 next year.


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